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Quality oak furniture, for life


Oak furniture embodies sophistication, adding a clean, minimalistic touch to your home. Winna Furniture are the expert providers of oak furniture in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, beautifully crafting coffee tables, bookcases, dining tables and more.


When you opt for oak furniture created by master craftspeople, you are making an investment for life. Oak furniture is known for its durability and timeless beauty, and when put together by experts, is designed to last.


Enjoy beauty and function fused together by buying oak furniture from Winna Furniture, the Melbourne-based oak furniture experts serving Australia. With almost 40 years of experience behind us, customers can rely on our team of 30 people to provide stunning service and exquisite products.


Choose Tasmanian oak from Winna Furniture


Tasmanian Oak Furniture


Tasmanian oak furniture is renowned for its superior quality and aesthetic appeal, perfectly suitable for a contemporary and retro homes alike. Additionally, Tasmanian oak furniture is a sustainable choice as trees can continuously keep being planted, and purchases will also support local industry. By purchasing from Winna Furniture, you can also be sure that you are making an ethical choice, as all our timbers are legally obtained from a recognised forest source to the Australian Forestry Standard.


Look no further than Winna Furniture for exquisitely designed Tasmanian oak furniture in Melbourne, Sydney and beyond.


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Oak Furniture In Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane


Those looking for oak furniture in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide or Melbourne need look no further than Winna Furniture. Renowned for our expertise, beautiful designs and superior execution, Winna Furniture can help you create your dream home. Whether you want to invest in one signature piece or would like a matching furniture collection for your entire home, Winna Furniture can help you choose the right items from our collection, or create custom furniture according to your needs.


For stunning oak furniture in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide or Brisbane, the choice is clear: Winna Furniture.